Birth Photography

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Full birth photography coverage
On call from 37 weeks till birth
24/7 text support
Maternity Session
Newborn Lifestyle session
Full gallery of images online/via USB



Full birth photography coverage
On call from 37 weeks till birth
24/7 text support
Maternity Session
Full gallery of images online/via USB



Full birth photography coverage
On call from 37 weeks till birth
24/7 text support
Full gallery of images online/via USB


Are you wanting a photographer present to document such a raw, euphoric moment? These packages will be for you!


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For the best quality images and to get what you paid for, a flash is recommended especially in darker lighting. Many don't even notice the flash going off as I diffuse it and my settings make it much less noticeable. If you absolutely do not want flash, I can work with the lighting situation or turn on some small lights in another room.

Do you use a flash during birth?

You will recieve about 75-200 images sometimes even more! It is really up to how long your birth may be and how many images I can capture in this time frame.

How many images do I receive?

I stay for about one hour after baby has been born earthside. During this time, I capture the first latch (if breastfeeding), skin to skin, parent(s) bonding with baby, measurements, footprints, weight, and anything else you'd like me to capture during this time.

How long after birth do you stay?

I send a questionnaire at booking regarding this. Typically during pushing(if on your back) I shoot above your head down. I can shoot in other angles if you would like me to. If in the hospital, some have policies on where I can stand and photograph during your birth, I always ask the provider on call at your birth where they would like me to photograph during the pushing phase. Regardless of where I stand, I can still get some pretty great images!

How graphic will my images be?

If you happen to have a C-section and your provider won't let me in to photograph I always give the support person the option to take my camera and bring it with. I will set the settings on to AUTO and all they have to do is point and click. Otherwise, I will photograph in the postpartum unit as well as offering a Fresh 48 to make up for this!

What if I have a Caesarean Section?

This is something I offer in all of my birth packages as a bonus! My camera has great capabilities of high quality video. While photographing your labor/birth, I record about 5-15 second clips throughout the entire thing. Once I am finished with your gallery, I put all those clips together in one with some background music. This is such a beautiful keepsake as well as the images you will receive. 

What is birth film?

As soon as you feel any changes, please let me know!! Even if you think it may be a fluke and it's just a bit out of the norm, I have two young children so I want to make sure I give their care provider a heads up ahead of time just in case I need to drop everything and head to your birth. keeping me informed on that is very important! Also, make sure your support person holds contact with me if you are unable.

When should I call you if I go into labor?

I arrive to your birth when you are about 5-6cm dilated. If you have precipitous births or things are moving fast, I may join you sooner. Being in constant communication will better help determine this.

When do you arrive to my birth?

Just like a wedding, birth is a transformative and one time event that happens in ones life. Thousands of weddings are captured all of the time, so why shouldn't birth? Many women during birth don't even remember all of the little moments that had happened during because your brain really drifts off into a foggy birth land. So when being able to have this life event photographed/filmed and being able to look back on those images or videos. Hiring a birth photographer also frees up your support person from the stress of trying to take all the images you would want and they can solely focus on you and your needs while also being in those photographs with you. I act as a fly on the wall and document every special moment for you to cherish for a lifetime. Birth photography is 100% worth the investment and you will not regret it!!

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